TROVE Tuesday

                                                     An Eight Year Feud.

Wow, I thought, a feud, I haven't heard about that. Who was Matthew, my great-uncle feuding with and why?  A mystery, to research. Well alas, no.  Reading the article I burst into fits of laughter. It wasn't a feud but as one article headed it 'Debility and Dyspepsia.'

Great-uncle Matthew had gut problems and the four doctors he saw couldn't fix it but taking ' Dr Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People' did the trick.

This was the first mention of the feud, in the Goulburn Evening Penny Post on Saturday 5 October 1901, page 4. Four other newspapers copied the article, with the same title. These were Sunday Times, Sydney, 7 October 1901, Evening News, Sydney, 24 October 1901, Mount Alexander Mail, Victoria, 25 October 1901 and the Riverina Herald, Echuca-Moama, 31 October 1901.
The last mention was in the Maitland Daily Mercury, Saturday 5 July 1902. This was the one that gave it the title, 'Debility and Dyspepsia. Swept away by Dr Williams' Pink Pills.'

I don't think they did him much harm as he lived until 1939, dying aged 68.

I wonder what was in them and were they the forerunner of Bex and Vincents' powders?


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