April 11- I for Interesting Australian Placenames.

I have no doubt that there are interesting placenames in every country of the world, so for today's letter I, I have chosen some interesting ones.

Illabrook, Victoria. Aboriginal. A corruption of Illburro. Formerly Bulldog Creek.

Illbille, South Australia, Aboriginal.

Indooroopilly, Queensland. Aboriginal. Running water.

Innamincka, South Australia. Aboriginal. 'You go to the hole there.'

Then you have the straight forward ones.

Ingleburn, New South Wales. After Ingleburn in England.

Ipswich, Queensland. After the town in Suffolk.

Ivanhoe,  New South Wales. Adopted from Sir Walter Scott's novel.

They were all taken from this little book.

Do you have a book, that helps you with different place names?

Bye for now,


  1. I love our double word place names like Wagga Wagga, Woy Woy and the mythical Woop Woop.

  2. No wonder people are mystified by how to pronounce our names. Then I look at some in New Englad USA and am just as bewildered.


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