I arrived in Edinburgh, on Tuesday and haven't stopped! Edinburgh has cobblestones AND hills. I you go down the hill, somewhere you must come up the hill, even on a different street!

There are statues, around the city called Orr Wullie, they will be auctioned, for the Edinburgh Children's Hospital. I think it is a great way to get people to explore the city, running groups, do find the Wullies, such fun. There are 60 in the Edinburgh area and I've managed to photograph 19 and have seen another, to make 20.

Doing this I have seen the Scottish Parliament Building, with what looks like sticks, on the outside.

Arthur's Seat a massive hill, that is part of the volcano, that Edinburgh Castle sits on, but it is a distance away.

The Palace of Holyrood, but not close enough for a photo.

Churches, interesting buildings and quaint closes.

I did a bus tour, on Wednesday, that showed us the sights of Edinburgh, so I knew what to go and look at. After that I went to Leith, where the…