A - Z Blogging Challenge Reflections

 This is my third  A - Z Blogging Challenge and the one I felt the most relaxed doing. I had all my posts done before April 1 and I let it look after itself, because I knew that I would most likely be away for most of April. My theme was Names Hanging on my Tree and I found it fun/frustrating to find their meanings or 'famous' people with that name. I enjoyed reading the comments and appreciated them but because I was away, I couldn't make comments on others. Those, who I know and posted on Facebook, I was able to read and comment on, others I read only. I had problems with getting onto the Master List. Did it once and then when I went to check, found I wasn't on it, tried to do it again and kept getting notices that it was a 'bad' site. I did a Facebook post to the A -Z Blogging page and no one replied, so I still don't know if I made the Master List. I loved the badges and give a big 'thank you' to the person who designs them and does the html. Muc