COVID _ 19 Challenge

This is my second post of what I have been doing, in the second three months of Covid-19 restrictions.Life is certainly interesting, in several states of Australia. Victoria is in a hard Stage-4 lock-down, with an 8.00pm curfew and their borders are closed.  Queensland have closed their border, again. Tasmania still have their border closed.A bright spot in the past three months was having the small grandchildren come and stay, during the last school holidays. We had Miss 4 stay first and spent time playing in the park and making cup-cakes. We then had Master 6 stay and he and I spent time, together, sitting and reading. 
So in the past three months, what have you done?WHAT HAVE YOU ACHIEVED BETWEEN 1 JUNE 2020 AND 31 AUGUST 2020?

It can be anything that is POSITIVE.

Here is my list.

Books read - 41.

Craft - Started and finished a cardigan Finished a pair of socks I started last year.
            Started and finished a pair of socks.            Started and finished 5 scarves. Made a peg bag…