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Room Do-Over and this 'n' that

I've been very busy  packing things into boxes and moving things out of my room. The freezer was the biggest item, so far and it is now in the laundry, my sewing drawers are in my husbands study. All but two shelves are gone and he has removed the brackets for several others, that might not go back up.

The room looks so big, it echo's and it seems to be brighter!

During all this I've been researching and sewing, trying to get things done before the painter arrives.

Below are photos of the room. My research is going to be continued in Salt Lake City, I will need to access microfilm for the details as certificates aren't available for the timeframe I'm looking at.

Last weekend I attended the annual conference of The Royal Australian Historical Society, held a Bankstown Sports Club. I had a great time catching up with friends, making new ones and listening to very interesting speakers.
Bye for now, Lilian.

Do-Over is happening NOW!

The painter has been, to give a quote, ordered the carpet, it is going to happen before Christmas!

Today I moved two bookcases into the third bedroom, (thankful there is no bed in there) and the filing cabinet into my husbands study. I have managed to put all my research into the second filing cabinet, on the landing, nice and close.  I've taken books of the shelves and all the stuff of the notice boards.

Just waiting on a date for the painting to start.

I've also been sewing the new quilt and doing research, so life is still going on.

I gave myself a genealogy test, today. I filled in all my direct ancestors, without looking at the family tree program. I was able to do everyone as far back as my Great-grandparents and then only eight of my Great-great-grandparents. Not to bad, me thinks.

Bye for now,

Birthday photos

Claire, as promised, here are some of the photos.
Claire, with her Grandma, my Auntie Joyce. The birthday girl!
Between them they have 356years.
The cousins, with Lyn hidden.
The next generation, with Auntie Joyce.

Answers to a couple of questions.

I posted about how my Grandparents addressed each other and who taught my mother and aunts to knit, today I have some answers.

My three remaining aunts were all together, to celebrate the 90th birthday of one of them. I was able to ask them the questions and hear them discuss them. It seems that my Grandparents addressed each other as Mum and Dad. My eldest aunt said that Auntie Edith taught them to knit. I can assume that since Auntie Edith and Mum both knitted, that their Mum taught them.

It was a wonderful day catching up with four of the five remaining Aunts and Uncles, cousins I hadn't seen in ages and taking heaps of photos. (These will come)

Bye for now,

Do-Over part 2.

Well it looks like my study will be painted and re-floored before Christmas, not in the New Year! I'm thrilled that I've been through everything and now will only have to move them. Think I'll stick the boxes, drawers and shelving in the garage and the books in the spare bedroom.

I wonder if the freezer will fit in the laundry? Must measure it up. That would give me a bit more space. Or I could move it to another spot in the room.

My sewing table will have to go down the garage and my desk will have to stay. It will work out well.

Now do I want vinyl or carpet on the floor? Suggestions, please.

I have spent part of this week, quilting and I didn't realise how much I missed it. I've made a small quilt for a gift, a bigger one, that a friend have given me the fabric and pattern for, two placemats, for a gift and have just finished cutting out the pieces for another quilt. I've had this kit for awhile and feel like making it up.

Small surprise quilt.
The one a fr…

Genealogy Do-over

In January I'm starting a Genealogy Do-over, where we take a fresh look at our research. Thomas McEntee is organising it and I'm looking forward to it. In preparation for the start and because I hope to paint my study, next year, I gave the study a do-over.  I've filled the re-cycling bin twice and the garbage once. I still have some tweaking to do but I'm thrilled with the results. I got rid of a desk, moved a book case and went through everything on the shelves.

Being a quilter, too, there was heaps to go through.

The photos.

Bye for now,


A bit late but the talk I gave on Blogging went really well. Lots of questions and Jill Ball was there and helped with the answers. Some of the group have blogs and we looked at them.
Lunch was good and I met my husband at our train station and we went for coffee.

Test post, using the iPad.

I'm presenting a talk on blogging, tomorrow and am testing if I can blog, on my iPad. Didn't see why it wouldn't work but sometimes technology and I don't play nice.
The talk is not using PowerPoint but actually doing it 'live'. Trying to get the Internet to behave and let me present will be a challenge. Watch this space.

Another Mystery.

Before we went to Melbourne, last week, I was given a book and another mystery to try and solve.
The book is, "The Road From Coorain, An Australian memoir" by Jill Ker Conway. Coorain is a sheep station in New South Wales, near the town of Mossgiel, which is between Ivanhoe and Hay.
That isn't a mystery but the note inside is.

H Findlay had penned a note detailing when the author's parents settled on the station. Who the local doctor at Mossgeil was. What the settlement was like and other bits of information, all on a slip of paper no bigger than a 6" x 4" photo.

My search is to try and find any descendants of either Jill Ker Conway or H Findlay and to offer them the book and note. Watch this space for updates.

Bye for now,