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The Book

It has been a good week, with the manuscript nearly finished, just three more chapters to go. I'm sending what is finished to be edited, having had Paul read it through and pick up mistakes, I hope that there wont be any more to find. One big mistake I found was I keep forgetting Louisa! I've done her research and written her chapter but when I looked at the timeline, she isn't there and then when I read her parent's chapter, she isn't there, either. I've rectified that, as I don't think it would have been picked-up, otherwise.  The manuscript, ready to go.
As well as getting the manuscript ready to be edited, I'm still writing a chapter on Charlotte Emma and her sister Eveline Maud and the close connection they had. This is the start of my writing the chapter on Charlotte Emma and Eveline Maud. This week I've also learnt about the Bubonic Plague, St Andrew's Cathedral and used old maps of Sydney to locate where some of the family lived. I'…

Writing Update.

Well I've done nine chapters, one for the main couple, then the rest for their children. Now I have to work on my direct line and a couple of others. Done the Appendixes, with one more to do.

My biggest challenges are going to be the Index and page numbers. I've done each chapter as a stand-a-lone article, save it three times. Now how do I put it all together to do the index and page numbers, without messing the lot up? Watch this space.

I've been emailing my husband copies and he has been editing them, then emailing me back the changes. It is really good having a non genealogist doing this, as he has found little things I've missed.

I'm sorting out my photos and most of the places I contacted about their photos have replied with a yes, you can use.

Bye for now,

Knitting, another love of mine.

These ladies are knitting socks, for our troops, in during World War II. My mum told a story about herself. She was sitting in the Public Gallery of Parliament House, (what we now call Old Parliament House), during the parliament session. She was using tortoiseshell needles, knitting socks and was asked to either stop or leave as she was 'making to much noise!' Those who have used tortoiseshell needles know that they don't make any noise, unlike today's modern needles.

Newcastle Sun (NSW 1918-1954), Tuesday 3 October 1939, p8.

I love knitting socks. This is a pair I've knitted.
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It's Harder Than You Think!

Write a book, it will be easy, just write what you know, won't take you long! Yeah, Right!!!!

While I know I'm making progress, it is the fact checking, making sure that dates, places and names are correct. Writing and asking about xyz, permission to use abc and drawing up family trees, just so you know that the right kids are with the right parents, is taking up time!

I'm trying to hand write at least one person a day. I then do the checking and then try and get it onto the computer. I'm not being precious about spelling and grammar, until I've done all the writing, then I correct what needs to be corrected. And I check my facts again!

I'm also in a bit of a quandary, how many generations do I write about?
Here are some statistics to make you see the problem.

(no names)   A & B marry and have 10 children, seven grow up and marry.
Of the living;
child 1 - 13 children, all live, all marry all have children.
child 2 - 7 children, 4 live, marry and have child…

My other hobby; Quilting

Looking through Trove, for article on Quilting, I was surprised by the number of hits but when I looked at the articles the actual word was Quitting!  Quitting isn't something quilters  do. We might have a lot of UFO's or WIP's but we don't quit.
This article is about how you can adorn the modern home with quilting.

Northern Star, (Lismore NSW 1876-1954), Friday 24 July 1936, p6. Shall I make a pyjama-sachet?                                         One of my quilts, waiting to be quilted and bound.
Bye for now, Lilian.

Writing, Research and Getting Side-tracked.

I put some really good time into actually writing this family story, yesterday. I made several false starts, had lots of crossed out bits and arrows going from one spot to another but I made progress. I worked out a timeline, of what happened when, both for them and the Colony, sad to say that nothing really important happened in the years I'm writing about.  Wrote two chapters and then hit the computer to write appendices, for bits that need to be mentioned but not in the main part.

Today I've spent 2 hours, checking where I found maps and photos, then writing to the relevant people asking for either a better copy and/or permission to use what I have. This led me to being side-tracked!

I found a map of the area my family lived, dated 1886. Using the addresses I have, I have poured over it locating streets, churches and the like. Really fascinating and useful. It is interesting to see how near they lived to each other and you can only guess at the closeness the families might…

I'm biting the bullet!

I have made 2017 the year that I publish some of my family research. I'm starting with Henry Vaughan and Charlotte Chasmar.

I've spent the past few days going over my research, adding to what I know, fact checking and procrastinating. I'm writing it out in longhand then for the revision I'll type it on the computer, correct spelling and grammar.  I have no idea how long this will take and I'm going to blog my progress.

My note book, pencils, papers and reference books.
Folder with the documents in it and the research file. Well I'd better stop blogging and write some more. Watch this space, for updates! Bye for now, Lilian.

More books for the pile.

I have added two more books to my reading pile and think that I will make a start on one of them soon.
Kathy Reichs, The Bone Collector is a collection of four short stories. Included is the story of how Tempe became a forensic anthropologist. Going to start this one, today.
Karly Lane is an Australian author, I've yet to read. The blur, for Third Time Lucky had me saying, 'yes'. Two different people, both from the same town and with pasts meet up, again but will things go smoothly for them. Read it and see.
Over the next week I'm going to indulge in my passion for reading and share some of my favourite authors. I am going to start with Australian ones, so watch this space...
Happy reading, Lilian. )this post was originally posted in December 2016, gremlins have re-posted it, sorry.)