The Book

It has been a good week, with the manuscript nearly finished, just three more chapters to go.
I'm sending what is finished to be edited, having had Paul read it through and pick up mistakes, I hope that there wont be any more to find.
One big mistake I found was I keep forgetting Louisa! I've done her research and written her chapter but when I looked at the timeline, she isn't there and then when I read her parent's chapter, she isn't there, either. I've rectified that, as I don't think it would have been picked-up, otherwise. 
The manuscript, ready to go.

As well as getting the manuscript ready to be edited, I'm still writing a chapter on Charlotte Emma and her sister Eveline Maud and the close connection they had.
This is the start of my writing the chapter on Charlotte Emma and Eveline Maud.
This week I've also learnt about the Bubonic Plague, St Andrew's Cathedral and used old maps of Sydney to locate where some of the family lived.
I've organised the layout, written out a Table of Contents and hand wrote an Index. There is so much I could include in an Index, that I think I'll have to make a decision about what type of Index I want.
I was very brave, Saturday and put the WHOLE book together in one BIG file. Careful not to mess anything up, I worked with only one chapter at a time. It looks good in A5, so far and I still have to add photos.
Bye for now,


  1. Great progress. I'm impressed.

  2. Well done Lilian, I totally admire anyone that takes on the task of writing a book. It's a big task.


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