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Tonight is the night!

The butterflies have started in my tummy, already!

Tonight is the first of I hope many meetings of the Bankstown Family History Group. I've got everything ready, forms printed, an agenda done, dates for the following meetings, camera charged, name tags and pens. I've asked two of my friends to help out, they were coming to the meeting. One will take photos and the other will great people and I do know several, who are coming.

I had an email, last night, from another group and they have asked me to be their June guest speaker! They have also offered to help us out.

Will let you know how it goes.

Australia Day

Wishing you a Happy Australia Day. What are your plans? Mine, a BBQ with friends and while setting he table I discovered that we didn't have any sauce. Thankful that my little corner shop was open and well I did need to walk!
Any genealogy research today? If so what? Hope that you break down the brick wall.

My Room

I have finished tiding up me sewing/study room and am thrilled with how it looks. I will say working in the heat hasn't been fun but now it is all done! I can find books or magazines without pulling things apart. A fresh clean start for the New Year, if I can keep it that way.

Finished another subject today and don't have one to start until 7 April, but I do have one on the go that I will concentrate on. Loving the course and the subjects I've chosen. If you want to study have a look at online courses.


I've been last the past couple of days, doing family stuff with the family. Now they are on their way home, I can get into my study and tidy up! Yes, tidy up.

I'm going through my quilting boxes and sorting fabric and culling rubbish. Went through my teaching stuff and culled even more than I did before Christmas. the I hit the genealogy shelves and really tided them up. I have a habit of reading a magazine and then just placing it on the top of the holders. Well today they are in their labelled holders, in order. The room is still a bit of a mess and I do still have several more boxes to sort through but I feel good that I have achieved so much, today.

I can't find my sewing table but judging by the pile of stuff  I can see, it be under there, somewhere! Desk is tidy and I cleaned it too!

Okay, I suppose that is enough for today.

All things precious.

What is the most exciting/precious item you have from an ancestor?

I have two Family Bibles, one from my husband's (Sigrist)  side that is in German and the other is from my mother's (Galbraith) side. Both have the records of the children written in them. My Galbraith one even has the day and time as well. The Sigrist one has the only record of a birth, that isn't registered.

Class Notes

How do you store the handouts you acquire attending classes or conferences? Do you keep them in a hanging file in the filing cabinet or are they in a muddle?

I kept them in the hanging file and found that it would get too heavy and collapse on me. I am now trying this, a concertina file case, I picked up at Woolworths.   I have labelled  sections, i.e. England, Ireland, Lands, Education as a single topics and others combined, i.e. Death Customs, Police & Wills are together. So far it is working but I can see that I will have to purchase another one.

What are your goals for 2014?

I don't usually set goals or make resolutions but I do list things I want to do, I suppose that is the same. Well for 2014 I'm going to be more organised.

I have been onto the Society of Australian Genealogists web site and booked nine events, up until 30 April. These are walking tours, of historical sites, the writing group I am in and am presenting twice, plus webinars. The webinars are for members only and are really good. If you don't belong to SAG, why not consider joining? Their web site is good, have a look;

I also will continue with my studies, through the National Institute for Genealogical Studies. I am really enjoying the study and the fact that I can work at my own pace. If you are thinking of genealogical study, look at their web site;

I have lots of other things I enjoy, apart from genealogy, that I will fit in. I knit and have several things on the go at once, plus I also make quilts and I read. I can go through a …