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12 Ancestors in 12 Months: September. Frederick Charles SIGRIST

As I promised in the May Ancestor post on, Elsie Ironside. Here is the story of her husband.

Frederick Charles Sigrist was born 18 September 1890[1], to Frederick Sigrist and Mary Ann Hudson. He was their fourth child. The family had a bakery in Denison Street, Woollahra.
                                                         Frederick Charles Sigrist.
I don’t know anything about Fred’s childhood or how he met Elsie, things we should have asked Mum about.
On 5 April 1919[2] he married Elsie Minnie Ironside, at St Michael’s Church, Flinders Street, Surry Hills. Their first child, a daughter, Edna, was born in May 1920 and in November 1929 a second daughter, Joan was born. The family was living at Fairmount Street, Lakemba, at this time.
Fred worked as a telephone mechanic and whilst he was installing their phone, running the wire under the house, he scratched his knee. Thinking that it was ‘just a scratch,’ he continued to work. This was early March 1930. By 3 April 1930[3] he was de…