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Life Happens

This time last week we were feeling pretty good about Paul's recovery, from gallbladder surgery, this week he is in hospital having had a Heptic abcess drained. This is the same thing that happened 12 months ago, causing all the same problems, hopefully this time it will be fixed.  As a result of this I've been a bit lax in my blogging, sorry.

I have been working on my Abberton One-Name Study and trying to get others to share their information. It can be fun and it can be frustrating, so far it is fun. I'm collecting Australian births, deaths, marriages, trying to match-up families. Once this is done, I'm not sure which way I'll take it.

I have three studies going, Abberton, Chasmar and Galbraith.

Now I hear you asking, "What is a One-Name Study?"  Well it is basiclly a study of a surname in either a paticular area or world-wide.

Two good websites to look at are; 

Guild of One-Name Studies

and The Surname Society  https://surname-so…

What books do you remember from your childhood?

I follow several writers, on Facebook and this link is to a blogpost, by Lisa Ireland about books that made her want to be a writer. It got me thinking what books I really remember from my childhood and their influence on me. So read Lisa's post and then have a look at what I picked

I can't remember a time, when I couldn't read, it is something that I love to do, a wonderful way to escape on a dreary day, to fill in time waiting for an appoitment or to kill the hours on a long-haul flight, reading is it.

These two books were from late primary school and even though I haven't read them in years, I can still recall both stories.
Hills End, the whole town goes for a picnic, except for seven children and their teacher. They plan to spend the day exploring the aboriginal paintings, in a near by cave. A massive storm hits, they get cut-off from the town and the town from …

I'm Still Here!

I know that the blog has been a bit quiet, after my A-Z Challenge but I'm still here.

We are minding grandchildren and are loving it. Getting used to the Melbourne weather and finding our way around, to different places.

I might be a bit slow in blogging, once we are home as Paul has a hospital visit, for day surgery, three days after we get back.

Going to miss the Grandies but looking forward to getting back home.

Bye for now,

A-Z Blogging Challenge, DONE!!!

I hope you have enjoyed my A-Z Blogging Challenge and my spin on it, being Genealogy. It was hard work but fun.  Some of the days were easy to think of and find things to write about, other days were a struggle.

Would I do it again?    NO!

I did the April one several years ago and now did my own this year, so that's all folks!

Bye for now,

12 Ancestors in 12 Months, Marianne Clara Abberton.

Clara, Lone Pine Sanctuary, Brisbane, January 1957
Born 22 July 1894[1], to Thomas Abberton and his wife Louisa Nichols, she was their third child and only daughter. As Thomas moved the family around, frequently she would see many different places, in New South Wales. Marianne would also be known as Clara or Claire. I knew her as Auntie Claire, from New Zealand.
On 13 October 1913 she married Frederick William Smith at the Parsonage, May Street, Newtown, New South Wales[2]. Frederick was 26 and Clara was 22. On her marriage certificate, there is yet another name change, this time as Clara Marion. Two children were born to Clara and Fred a boy, James, in 1913 and a girl, Eileen in 1915.
Sometime after the end of World War 1, Clara moved the children to New Zealand and this is where she lived, until her death on 23 July 1975[3], in Auckland, New Zealand, a day after her 81st birthday. She is buried in Rookwood Cemetery, New South Wales, Ca…