What books do you remember from your childhood?

I follow several writers, on Facebook and this link is to a blogpost, by Lisa Ireland about books that made her want to be a writer. It got me thinking what books I really remember from my childhood and their influence on me. So read Lisa's post and then have a look at what I picked


I can't remember a time, when I couldn't read, it is something that I love to do, a wonderful way to escape on a dreary day, to fill in time waiting for an appoitment or to kill the hours on a long-haul flight, reading is it.

These two books were from late primary school and even though I haven't read them in years, I can still recall both stories.

Hills End, the whole town goes for a picnic, except for seven children and their teacher. They plan to spend the day exploring the aboriginal paintings, in a near by cave. A massive storm hits, they get cut-off from the town and the town from the outside world. When they do make it back, the down is destroyed, there is a rouge bull and no food. The story is of how they survive and the lessons they learn about themselves.

Pastures of the Blue Crane, is set on the mid-north coast of New South Wales and is about family relationships, kinship, growing-up and finding out about yourself. (Don't want to give to much away.)
This book was chosen as Australia's Best Children's Book of the Year in 1965.

What are your childhood favourites?

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