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Trove Tuesday, No Wait it's Thursday!

Being away has thrown everything out of wack and I'm running two days late.

While I was away, I was doing some research, not for me but came across a Golden Wedding announcement for Paul's Great, great grandparents.

They were married in 1861.

Sydney Morning Herald, Tuesday 4 July 1911, page 8.

Frederick James Ironside and Martha Amelia Bird.
Bye for now. Lilian.

Arthur's Seat and My Week.

We have been enjoying family time, with our Victorian Family and Sunday was no exception.

We went to Arthur's Seat on the Mornington Peninsula. Named due to its resemblance of Arthur's Seat in his home town of Edinburgh, by Acting Lieutenant John Murray, in February 1802. We took the gondola ride to the summit and gazed at the stunning views. The weather was brisk but not cold and with no wind, it was pleasant to walk around. We sat on Arthur's Seat, also had morning tea and took heaps of photos. Didn't see any eagles or kangaroos.

At the top.
The plaque on the seat. Yes we took a seat.

Looking over Port Phillip Bay.
Another stunning view.
There was racing on the bay, even though there didn't seem to be much breeze. This was taken on the way down. Looking towards Geelong.
Lunch at Dromana, with seagulls for company and lovely views of the area.

Beach huts dotted the shoreline.
Port Phillip Bay.
Tuesday saw us at school for an assembly and the presentation of acade…

Food Truck Park

What a yummy time we have had, today. Lunch and dessert at the Food Truck Park and then a wine tasting at Wedgetail Estate.

                                                      Hungarian Donuts
Paul enjoying his.

A food truck park is various food vendors, offering a wide variety of food. Paul had souvlaki, Amanda had apple chips. Pieces of apple, battered, fried and tossed in cinnamon sugar. Resonable prices. We sat outside in the sunshine.
For dessert, after my Loaded Hotdog, I had Dutch pancakes, with maple syrup and banana. Yum. Wedgetail Estate. We sampled a selection of their wines.

Bye for now, Lilian.

A Lost Weekend. (well not really)

This weekend was another of the Society of Australian Genealogy's 'Lost In' weekends. The topic was 'Lost In Black Sheep (Australia). Two very full days and I'm suffering from information overload and itching to get researching the records mentioned. I don't think that I have anymore 'black sheep', other than those I have already found but...

Saturday, here in Sydney was cool and grey, just the perfect day for staying inside and doing genealogy. My Fitbit kept reminding me to get-up and move but I only managed to meet 5 of my hourly targets, (out of 9) and only do 3,812 steps.

I should say that the term 'black sheep', for this weekend covered anyone you couldn't find and the sessions were designed to give you places and resources to search but a 'black sheep' often left a trail of paperwork.

With a 10.00am start, it was a quick breakfast and the day began.

After a Welcome and housekeeping our first session began. Emily Hanna, from N…

Congress, Quilting and THE BOOK.

Yesterday was a wonderful day. I managed to combine three things I really enjoy, quilting, genealogy and my book.

I had spoken to the printer on Tuesday and he was overnight express  posting the proof copy to me, so I was waiting at the post office at 9.00am to collect it. Feeling nervous, it took me several goes to unwrap it from it's procetive wrap.
Thick card cover, smooth glossy paper, it is wonderful to hold something I've written. I hope that my cousins like their copies. Next was registering for Congress, in March 2018. Early bird registrations opened, yesterday and with the eagerness of us genealogists, we crashed the site! I managed to register around 10.00am and have booked the Meet 'n' Great on the Friday and the dinner on the Saturday. I am so looking forward to catching-up with Judy G Russell, Helen Smith, Pauleen Cass, Shauna Hicks, Jill Ball and many, many others, as well as meeting new people, that I don't know if I will have enough time!

A trip to…