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Australian War Memorial

Paul and I spent last Tuesday exploring the new World War 1 area of the AWM. It is fantastic, very hands on, with touch screens everywhere. They have it set out chronologically and each section has display cases and a touch screen. You want to know more about what is there, pick an object, touch the object on the screen and the information is displayed. Very light and well set out. It was well worth the visit.

                                                    "G" for George, bomber.

                                                 The Changi Quilt.

Poppies on the WW11 Roll of Honour.
I was to busy enjoying the WW1 Gallery to take any photos, you will have to visit, yourself.
Bye for now, Lilian


Do you subscribe to genealogical magazines?  Do you find them useful?

I subscribe to three magazines and sometimes buy a fourth one. Two are English and two are Australian.
Your Family History, (top left, English) is one I sometimes pick-up, if I think the contents are interesting. This one has an interesting article on The Making of America. This looks at the British and Irish, who started news lives in America. There is also an article on the Bismarck. It find it useful and enjoy reading readers queries and how to solve them.

Family Tree, (top right, English), this is the one I subscribe to and I find the articles, columns and sections very informative. The previous few months have had a series on how to blog and as a blogger, I discovered some useful tips. This month has an articles on the Magna Carta, Waterloo, The Salvation Army and by Chris Paton, Lost & Found in the archives.

Australian Family Tree Connections, (bottom right), has readers stories and photos, Surname Regist…


When I last posted, I had a sore throat, well that got better and we went away. I was so looking forward to a week with the family in Victoria BUT my cough became a chest infection and for awhile I was really sick. Back home, yesterday and have heaps to catch-up on. (like the washing)
More later,
Bye for now,

This n that

It has been a while since I last did a blog, sorry. We had a lovely weekend,  Mother's Day, at Kangaroo Valley and I woke up Monday with a sore throat. The rest of the week passed, with me feeling very blah and not doing much.

I did finish my National Institute of Genealogical Studies, subject Australian Newspapers and got 100% in the exam. The subject was really interesting and I learnt new things and had others re-enforced. I am still loving the course.

Still not feeling well and now I have a 'fantastic' cough, that really gets me going. Think a warm bed and a good book are in my future.

Bye for now and stay well,


Was your ancestor a Bang Beggar, an Earth stopper or a Pardoner?

I was browsing a list I have of websites (I do this to see if they still exist or what changes there might be), and came across this one.

Index to Old Occupations.

It is for the Hall Genealogy Website and has other interesting areas to look at.

You select a letter of the alphabet, click on it and you get a list of Old Names  and the New Name or Description. Useful information to have.

Now I hear you muttering, 'What is a Bang Beggar?'    A Bang Beggar, was a Parish Officer who controlled how long strangers could stay in the Parish.  The others I mentioned, I'll leave for you to find.

Well worth a look even if you haven't found a strange occupation.

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