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A Lightbulb Moment. I'm someone's ANCESTOR!

I'm now in the same spot on the family tree that my parents were for my children and my grandparents were for me. I'm someone's ANCESTOR!

I've been 'doing the family tree' for over 30 years and hadn't really thought about my place on that tree. Yes I'm there; firstly as Matthew and Lilian's daughter;  and  as Arthur, Eveline, Thomas and Louisa's granddaughter but that was all.

Today we celebrate our youngest grandchild's third birthday and it made me stop and think. Wow! I'm an ANCESTOR!  It is a bit scary as I don't feel old enough to be that but my age tells me otherwise.

So where are you on your family tree? Still a descendant or have you reached ancestor status?

Bye for now,

12 Ancestors in 12 Months; Arthur Galbraith

Born 11 August 1852, [1] his birth details state that he is ‘lawful son of Samuel Galbraith Merchant in Ayr and Margaret Kidstone Nicol his spouse.’ Arthur is baptised on 12 September 1852.  He is their second son, to be named Arthur, with the first one being born in January 1850 and dying, sometime before August 1852. This using of the same name was a common practice.
I next find Arthur, aged eight on the 1861 Scottish Census[2] , living with his parents and six siblings at 15 Hillock Place Ayr. He is a scholar. The family also has a servant.
How Arthur came to the Colony of Victoria, I do not know and this is something I hope to discover, one day.
On 14 August 1883[3] he marries Mary Ann Grant. Arthur is 30 and a Storeman, living a 3 Neill Street, Carlton, whilst Mary Ann is 23 and living at Douglas Terrace, Albert Park. A small announcement in The Age, (Melbourne, Vic 1854-1954) Monday 27 August 1881, Page 1, Family Notices, tells of this happy event.

They are blessed with a son, …