A Lightbulb Moment. I'm someone's ANCESTOR!

I'm now in the same spot on the family tree that my parents were for my children and my grandparents were for me. I'm someone's ANCESTOR!

I've been 'doing the family tree' for over 30 years and hadn't really thought about my place on that tree. Yes I'm there; firstly as Matthew and Lilian's daughter;  and  as Arthur, Eveline, Thomas and Louisa's granddaughter but that was all.

Today we celebrate our youngest grandchild's third birthday and it made me stop and think. Wow! I'm an ANCESTOR!  It is a bit scary as I don't feel old enough to be that but my age tells me otherwise.

So where are you on your family tree? Still a descendant or have you reached ancestor status?

Bye for now,


  1. Excellent thought. One I hadn’t considered. I too am an ancestor. I never was blessed with children, but, I’m a stepmother, step grandma, step great grandma, an Aunt, a grand Aunt and a cousin on many levels. Thanks for reminding me of my place in the tree.


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