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What has been going on with the group.

We have our name. Fair Trading sent a letter about being incorporated and they addressed the group as, Bankstown Family History Group Inc. Really  excited when that arrived as it means we can join other societies and start being known, get insurance and apply for grants. Baby steps but we are well on our way.
 The constitution was emailed out and I have had a reply and a vote. The members have until 25th to reply and vote, if they will be away.

Bankstown Family History Group

While we are still waiting for the confirmation of our name, we are going ahead with voting on our constitution. Tomorrow I email all the financial members a copy and they will then have seven days in which to read and make written submissions about it. The vote will take place at the next meeting in March.

I have read so many different ones and then read several different versions of the groups' one, that I am getting 'constituted' out!

I am so thrilled that it is going along so well, with the only problem being that the new library won't be open until after our April meeting. We have found a venue for the next two meetings and will get the program organised.

My Talk

Today I gave a presentation at the Society of Australian Genealogists, (SAG), to the Writing and Discussion group I am part of. I am branching out into giving presentations as this is something I enjoy. There  is an eclectic mix of people, in the group and we are all wonderfully supportive of each other, giving ideas, advice and giggles. There was to be 25 attendees and the bookings stopped at 40! From a very small beginning it has grown and we are now able to plan the for the rest of 2014.

Here am I checking the presentation before I started and then just as I began.

Good Reads

I have been reading, giving myself a break from study and work, and thought I would share with you what I have read.

The first three books were recommended by the magazine Inside History. Check around for the best prices because I ended up getting Leigh Straw's book through Amazon.

I'm still reading Leigh's book and am finding it really interesting as it gives the social context of the early 20th century, when these women deemed to be "Drunks, Pests and Harlots."

"Eugenia" by Mark Tedeschi QC, looks at the true story of a woman, Eugenia, who for 20 years lived as a man and even 'married'. Did get a bit bogged down with witness but well worth the read.

"The Railwayman's Wife" by Ashley Hay is set in Thirroul in 1948. Three different people form the bases of this story. The blurb on the back says; "explores the power of beginnings and endings."

The next two books I read were ones I found when browsing, as you do! "My …

Exciting Days

Last time I blogged, it was the day of the meeting. Well what a great turn out! While I had had lots of enquires and had a list of people that said they would come, I was worried that it would fall flat. 29 people came for the meeting, lots of wonderful discussions and feedback. We selected a committee and have started the process of registering the name and becoming incorporated. We are working on our constitution, reading other groups constitutions, so that we have guides as to how it should be. Meeting dates were set, for the rest of the year and we have invited our first guest speaker.
Lots of hard work ahead to really make this group grow and flourish but I really think that it will.