April 19 P is for Photos


Hands up, who has boxes of photos, with nothing written on the back?  Me too!

How do you store your photos? Albums, boxes, on the computer? I have a mix of all three.

 I promise myself that I will write who, where and when they were taken but I don't. My new digital camera has GPS, so now when I upload my photos to the computer, it tells me where and when it was taken.

I have wonderful old photos, that I know are family but exactly who they are is lost. Mum did write on the back of some but a Mrs Bell??? I have know idea.

This one is a mystery. I know that the two small children are James and Eileen Smith. Children of my Auntie Claire. The others are unknown but I suspect that the bigger boy is Thomas Abberton, last child of my grandfather, Thomas.

This is my Uncle Leslie Abberton.
Born 1898, Died 1917.

Eveline Maude Jasper, my grandmother, taken at Katoomba, NSW, probably the late 1920's or very early 1930's as she died in 1932.

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