April 27 W is for Writing.


I belong to a Writers Group, with the Society of Australian Genealogists. The aim of this group is to encourage one another to write up our family stories. We have guest presenters and we also talk about our own writing. We then continue our discussions over lunch at a local café.

Writing my family story is something that is there in my mind to do, sometime but as yet I've done very little.  I'm trying to work out where I should start and with whom I should start.

Late last year, I did a short Summer School course, with the University of Tasmania on writing your family story.  Each week we were given a selection of topics, from which we could select just one to write about. The catch was the word limit, only 250 words! Something that some struggled with.  I too found it restrictive but then realised that the tutor was getting us to be very precise with what we wanted to say, then it got a bit easier. Our final assessment was to be no more than 1000 words. I passed with 86%, very happy about that.

How disciplined are you with your writing? Do you set a daily word limit to make you sit and write? Have you done a writing course that helped you?  If so, what was it?

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