April 23 T is for Timelimes


How many of you think about using a timeline, in your research?

 I hadn't until recently when I was trying to work out why a family emigrated when they did. Looking at where they has come from, Ireland and the year, 1850, I was able to work out that they probably left due to the Potato Famine.

Timelines can be heaps of fun. Remember Billy Joel's song 'We Didn't Start the Fire'? Where he starts at the year he was born, 1949 and sings what has happened up to 2004, they year of that song.

Have you thought about doing that for yourself?

How many Prime Ministers, Kings, Queens, Popes,  Presidents etc., have happened, in your life?
 What world events feature? Wars? Space Exploration? Natural Disasters?

Timelines also give us a picture of the past and can lead us to figuring out why our ancestors did what they did. 

Next time you are stuck, look backwards and you might just see the answer.

Bye for now,

Some stats; I have had 1 Queen, Elizabeth the Second.
                                     14 Australian Prime Ministers
                                       7 Catholic Popes
                                      11 USA Presidents,  in my life time.

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