April 9 - H is for House

Hove you looked into who lived in your house, before you did?  Who owned the land? Was it a land grant?  Who built the house?  All interesting questions that I've tried to answer about my home of the past 40 years.

[ I'm using Australian records. I think the concept would be similar in other countries.]

Just like tracing your ancestors, you start with what you know and work backwards. This time you use land records.  Have a look at the deed to your house. (Some modern deeds wont have this information and you will need to look further back.)   You will be the most recent entry on the document. Go back by dates and note down who purchased and when. You should also note subdivisions as parts can belong to different people. It is slow and sometimes tedious but well worth it. Learn to think outside the normal.

Anyway, back to my place.  We are only the second family to live in the house and I've searched back to the original grant, given to George Johnstone Jnr on 23rd April 1804.  It was grazing land and then a market garden, before the house was built in 1951.

There are many more steps and much reading of past deeds to find all the owners but it was fun.

Anyone interesting, infamous or famous own your home?

Bye for now,

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