April 7 - F is for Flying

Before we flew to New Zealand, in 1975, for our honeymoon, I had only flown once. This trip gave me the chance to experience a ski plane flight, to land on the Tasman Glacier, with Mount Cook looming above us.

This is the plane we flew in.

And this was our runway.

An amazing flight.

It was awhile before I flew again but have now been in similar light planes, a helicopter and all manner of jets and propeller planes.

Now days I've become a bit blasé about flying, it is now a means to a destination.

What was your most exciting flight.

Bye for now,


  1. Our 1970 honeymoon flight to NZ was pretty special too. The trip to Tasman Glacier was also our first in a light plane.

  2. I wonder if they still do those flights? Think I'll Google it.

  3. Your trip sounds an amazing experience. We have flown a few times from Edinburgh to Innsbruck in Austria. We crossed the Alps, or rather it seemed as if we flew through them - you felt if you could put your hand out of the window you could touch the peaks. Not recommended for people nervous of flying!


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