April 5- Old occupations that start with D

Searching through my family tree surnames, for this letter, I found that I don't have any that start with D.  First names, ditto. Place names, ditto and I didn't want to do dog, sooooo...  Old occupations that start with D. This could be fun.

Using my copy of ' A Dictionary of Old Trades, Titles and Occupations,' by Colin Waters, I delved into the letter D.

Daunsel , interesting but what is it. A male servant of a gentleman.

This one sounds fun! A Deplumer, feather worker who stripped of feathers or plucked the feathers. That would tickle your nose.

Diker and Discifer catch my attention. Diker is a ditch or trench digger. Discifer is a steward.

This one would have been interesting to watch, a dodderer. Well it was a person employed to lop off the horns of farm animals.

This one really got my attention, dragons blood dealer. No, they didn't sell dragons blood but was a dealer in resin and gums.

These were just some of the interesting ones I came across.

What weird occupations does your family tree have?   Mine were all boring.

Bye for now,

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