Adelaide, Monday 10th, Maggie Beers and Gawler.

Maggie Beers and Gawler

Grey skies treated us, when we woke up on Monday but they weren't going to stop us getting out and about. Using Google Maps on the phone, (yes, I am becoming a bit more phone savvy!) we set off. I love that 'Lexie'( what we have named the voice), even tells us how long the trip will take. We hadn't been this way, before and enjoyed the scenery and the trip was good.

It was freezing when we arrived, that we decided to go into the shop first. The shop is a foodies heaven, with a large range, that you can taste. Paul and I tasted jams, sauces, vere(sp) juice, chocolate sauces, pear sauce, to mention some. This was followed by morning tea. Orange cake for me and a peach muffin for Paul. Once we were fortified, we thought we would go for a walk. We chose the Nature Walk as the Farm Walk was still to wet and there were nesting magpies.

A peacock was resting in the grass. I really don't blame him as I imagine that he could have difficulty, with his tail, in the wind.

Sheep in the shiraz vines, were next. They were happily munching the grass.

The dam is small but pretty.

Maggie has beautiful flowering gums and I managed to get a quick photo, in a lull of the wind.

Maggie Beers Farm Shop is at 50 Phesant Farm Road, Nuriootpa, SA.  is the web address.

Gawler was our lunch stop and I managed to get undercover parking, as we had rain. It stopped, the sun came out, so we walked around the town. Saw the river and could tell how far it had gone down, after the flood. Just got into the cafe for lunch, when it started pouring. The wind was blowing the rain at a 45degree angle. Didn't last long and once we had lunch we headed back to the motel. 

Got a bit lost, when during another heavy downpour, Lexie dropped out, but I sorted it out.

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