Hannah's Baptism

Hannah Joy was baptised today, with family and friends participating.
She choose this morning to wake at 5.30am and not go back to sleep, so by the time 10.00am came around, she was starting to get tired. All the photos were taken, before the service started.
Grandma and Hannah enjoyed a cuddle but she wanted to get down.

Now can I get up these, in a dress?

Yes! One more to go.
Hannah wanted to get up the sanctuary steps, on her own.

Proud grandparents.
The service was beautiful, with the minister encouraging the children to come to the front and watch. He explained the significance of the water, asking where it came from. One child said 'God.' Which when you think about it is right.
God Bless,


  1. Lovely day preserved for posterity. Kids are delightful in their responses.


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