Christening Dress

If you have read my two posts from 14 September and 17 September, you will know that I am using my wedding dress, to make Hannah's Christening dress. 

Well the dress is done and this is the next part of the story.

A week in Cairns and two  and a bit weeks in Adelaide didn't leave me much time to make the dress for Sunday 30 October, once we arrived home on the 21st!  Nothing like a looming deadline to make you get going. (A really good friend was going to come over and we were going to have a sewing day but she isn't well.)
After coffee, on Monday I setup the ironing board and my sewing machine, wound bobbins and cut the pieces out. Next step was to sew.

I had forgotten how tiny the pieces are in little kids clothes are! I joined the bodice and lining pieces together. They went together easily and I breathed a big sigh. (It had been awhile since I made a dress.)

Next was the underskirt and while I was sewing this I thought that the lace I had for it would make it look to 'heavy'. Taking a good long look at the lace sleeves, I thought 'why not give then a go?'

I cut the seams of both, unpicked several small darts and then, pinning very carefully, I matched the scallop edge and some darts together and made a circle piece. Laying the underskirt, under the lace, I worked out how much to leave, below the hem, pinned the side seams together and then cut of the excess, from the top of the sleeves. (I needed to be an octopus, as it was very, very fiddly.) 
Next I had to gather both pieces to make them fit the bodice. It fitted perfectly!

Carefully sewing all three pieces together, keeping the lining of the bodice out of the way, it all came together, again perfectly.
Omitting the zipper I put three clear press-studs and some buttons down the back and the hand stitched the lining down.


                                                               It fits!

More photos on Sunday.

Bye for now,


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