Green Island, (last of our trip)

Wednesday 28th was our trip to Green Island, it  is situated 27kms of the coast, about an hour by boat.

Green Island is a 6000-year-old coral cay, in the Coral Sea and is the only cay on the reef, with a rainforest.

Our boat trip was very smooth, both there and back. Once on the island we queued for our snorkelling equipment.  Snorkelling wasn't something I had ever done but I gave it a go and managed to end up with a mouthful of very salty water. Not pleasant!  The water was very warm and made swimming a pleasure.

I also had the option of a tour in a glass-bottom boat. It was great! I managed to see a reef shark, Parrot fish, Sargent Major fish, Trevally(sp), Nemo, (Clown fish), turtles and lots of  different types of coral. The reflection of the sun on both the water and the glass made photo taking, interesting but I did get some good shots.

Spot the turtle.

We hired two deckchairs and a table, which made Paul's day more comfortable. Except for the 'cute' birds, called Banded Rail. They look like Zorro, with the band across their eyes and give seagulls and Ibis a run, in the 'pest' stakes. Paul was eating his lunch and one jumped onto his arm and took a piece of his sandwich and then came back for the ice-cream!

This is the life!

After some more time in the water, we changed and went to Marineland Melanesia and saw some very large crocodiles and an alligator. We watch them being feed and the noise, of their jaws snapping shut is loud and scary.

Once back on the mainland we had a walk around the lagoon. Man-made for everyone to use, this is a 4800sq m saltwater swimming pool, free to use. As the tide was out I saw the Cairns mudflats, interesting.
This is the lagoon.

So, our holiday, in Far North Queensland is over. We had a great time and it wonderful to share the time, with our Victorian Family.

Bye for now,


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