Family Friday, Part 2, Questions???????


I knew that when the two certificates, I was waiting on, arrived that I would have more questions than answers.
The marriage certificate, that arrived makes me think that it isn't my Henry. While the age doesn't match, what I worked out, neither does the occupation. But people change jobs and people change their ages, to suit the circumstance. It still doesn't feel right. The religion is the one thing that  has me saying, 'not my Henry.' All the details I have from what I think is his parent's marriage and his birth, back in England, to his death here ALL have Church of England. That doesn't change.

The Henry Vaughan and Anne Balfour, on the early marriage certificate, might be the parents of my fireman Henry, from TROVE Tuesday.  They did have a son Henry but I'm not really going to check this out to much.

My biggest question is; Why if Henry  and Charlotte already had two children by 1842, would Henry marry someone else? He didn't marry Charlotte until 1858 and is listed as a widower, so it doesn't make sense, that he married Anne in 1842.  I can find no previous marriage for Charlotte.

That raises the question, did he marry in England and leave her behind? Worth looking into but that can be an ongoing quest.

Ancestors!!!  Couldn't they see what their misinformation would do to their descendants????

Bye for now,


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