Family Friday; Charlotte Chasmar

                        CHARLOTTE CHASMAR.

[Whilst I hold copies of some documents, marked *, others have been sighted, using microfilm, at the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah, February 2016 and they are marked *.]

CHASMAR has been found spelt in several different ways, Chasmer, Chasmur, Chapman and Chasman. I have chosen Chasmar, as this is on most of the documents I hold.

Charlotte Chasmar was christened 23 December 1821, in the Parish Church of Benenden, Kent, England*. She was the daughter of Robert Chasmar and his wife Elizabeth Gardiner. Robert was a brickmaker.

I next find Charlotte as an Unmarried Female Immigrant, arriving on the Cornwall, 1 September 1839*. Her date and place of birth are given as 11 December 1821 and Benenden, with her parents listed as Robert and Elizabeth. She could read and write, was a Protestant and a Farm Servant.  Mrs Manning, of Ultimo House, engaged her for £12 a year, with rations.

At the time Ultimo House was occupied by John Edyde Manning, Register of the Supreme Court of NSW and his wife, Matilda. Using TROVE, I could find no reference to Charlotte being there, the advertisements state, that they wanted a cook and a couple, with no children. It was the biggest house in the colony and was demolished in November 1932.

Did she serve out her 12 months? Did she meet Henry there?  It would seem a likely scenario, at their first child was born 11 August 1841 and Henry is listed as a Gentleman on the birth certificate*. Perhaps she caught his eye at a dinner? Something we will never know.

The arrival of six more children to Henry and Charlotte, before their marriage in 1858*, points to them living together. Two more children arrive, after the marriage. Charlotte is listed as 37 years old and a spinster, on the marriage certificate, 10 years younger that Henry, something that has been constant, on all the documents.  

Charlotte is next mentioned in Henry’s will*, dated 5th April 1871.

I can find no mention of her in any newspapers, until her death in 1893. Her death certificate* states that she was 74 years old, born in Kent and she died of heart disease and senile decay. What makes this certificate interesting is that while both H. E. Vaughan and J. Vaughan are witnesses, at her burial, J (John) isn’t listed in the children of marriage. These are Henry E, William, Isabella, Catherine, Edward, Frederick, living and two females deceased.

Buried next to Henry, at Camperdown Cemetery, the grave no longer exists.
Next week, the start of the children.
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