Happy Birthday Granddad

Today, 30 March is the birthday of my Grandfather, Thomas Joseph Abberton, who was born in 1865.

Thomas was the elder born of twins to Thomas and Mary Abberton of Mummel. He was their 8th child, with his twin sister Francis Maria being number 9. They were also Mary's 3rd set of twins.

Thomas Snr was a farmer and also ran the Post Office at Mummel.

 Not much is known about Thomas Jnr until his marriage to Louisa Nicolls on 1 January 1890 in the Catholic Church at Mummel. Louisa was the school teacher at Mummel and Thomas gave his occupation as farmer's son.

I know from his children's birth certificates that Thomas moved his family around, with Berrima, Moss Vale, Woodhill, Cowra, Goulburn, Wollongong and Sydney being given. His occupations are also varied miner, carter for wine and spirit merchant and publican are just what I have found.

 It is through the children that I next find Thomas and it is not a happy find. Thomas is in the Police Gazettes for desertion. The year 1904. So who did he desert and why? His wife, Louisa, had died in 1903, so it wasn’t her. The complainant was one Patrick Lyons, State Children’s Relief Department. When Louisa died, Thomas was left with six children aged from 13 years to 4 years. He must have been so down that he couldn’t cope and left the children in care. Something I’ll never know. When he was arrested he has to pay 5shillings a week  for twelve months.

The description of Thomas is wonderful. 6 feet high, thin build, black hair, clean shaved, except dark moustache, scare on his left cheek, large abscess mark under right jaw. For the first time I know what my grandfather looks like.
Thomas re-married in 1909 to Mary Naughton and they had a son, Thomas Joseph in June 1910.
I next have my grandfathers death on 5 May 1914 at the age of 49, from TB. There is no mention of Mary or their son, Thomas on the death certificate.
Happy Birthday, Granddad.
Lilian x


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