What A Day!!!!!

Thursday is the day that RootsTech really gets underway, you have to be there by 8.00am, for an 8.30 start or you might not get a seat.   This morning key note speakers were wonderful. Steve Rockwood , CEO of FamilySearch International, spoke again this morning. He spoke of families doing things together. Next up was some 'eye candy', Jon and Andy Scott, known as The Property Brothers. They spoke of traditions and the importance of family. Even a video clip of one of then playing the bagpipes. The both look wonderful in kilts!

Then the doors were thrown open, well more like rolled up and the Expo Hall was open for business.

My first session was with Kindex, an online company, where you can store documents. I signed up for my free account, so I could use it in the session. Well my login didn't work, so I 'played' in the general area. Back to see them in the morning.

This is Archive Monster, destroying your precious mementoes, in you home. I managed to get away. 

All set up, but couldn't log in. I did like what I saw and would like to look at it more. You can scan documents etc. and then transcribe and tag them, making them fully searchable.
The are also one of the finalists, in the Innovator Summit.

Second session was on Scottish Poor Law. Very interesting but the room was overflowing and stuffy. Dr Patricia  Whatley from Dundee University explained what types of records could be found and where.

Back to the room for lunch and to re-pack a smaller bag.

My last session was by Lisa Alzo and as the name above shows, it was on storytelling. I had no idea what was available for storytelling that could be easy to use and a bit of fun. I'm going to give a couple a trial run.

Walking out I had an encounter with a walking tree, advertising RootsFinder.

A (tongue in cheek) 'quick'  dinner with Jill Ball, Carole Speers, Fran Kitto, Pauline and Peter Cass, we headed to the Conference Centre at Temple Square. It was the opening event, "Music - It Runs in the Family." The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra, performed the music of Rogers and Hammerstein.

Getting in was slow as you went through security and then Carole and I had to find where we were sitting.
I thought Plaza would be like the Dress Circle. No, we were in the 'stalls', row O, really close.
I snuck these three photos before the lights went down.

The choir and orchestra.

This gives you some idea of the size! Huge!

The night was great. Oscar 'Andy' Hammerstein III, spoke about his family. He shared stories and pictures from his Great-Great-Grandfather Oscar Hammerstein I,  to the partnership of Oscar Hammerstein II and  Richard Rogers.
The choir and guest soloist, Dallyn Vale Bayles, preformed 10 numbers, with You'll Never Walk Alone starting the night off.
An absolutely wonderful night. (It even continued in the lift, at the hotel, with So Long Farewell sung as people left the lift.)  

Tomorrow is another busy day, another three session and an After-Party. I suppose I should go to bed.

Today was the WARMEST February day in several years it reached a pleasant 67degreesF or 18degreesC. I haven't worn my beanie of scarf and most days, walking back to the hotel, with out a jacket.

Good night,


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