SAG Lost In Immigration and Travel Weekend Day 2

I spent the night in the city and was up early for a lovely walk through the Royal Botanical Gardens.
This was the view from my room.

Something that you don't usually see, Phillip Street, looking back towards Elizabeth Street, with NO traffic! It was sooooooo quiet.

Looking from the entrance, on Shakespeare Place, towards Farm Cove. Except for the noisy ibis, it was still and quite.
Heather Garnsey, Executive Officer of SAG, was today's MC.
Ralph Hawkins,  Archives Officer of SAG, presented, in his usual engaging style, an excellent talk on.
Immigration through the SAG Collection. 
This was Ralph's opening slide. Who remembers this TV show?
Christine Yeats was next with her wonderful talk, called,

Having an exile on my tree, I found the information, Christine gave, very informative and I'm going to do some more research in to Simon. I was surprised that I was the only person, in the room, with an exile.
You know the joke that if you can't find an ancestor's arrival, well they must have swum. Well Martyn Killion's talk was all about how to get them on dry land. His background for all his slides was this never ending blue ocean, with on land in sight. Martyn gave very useful tips and ways of locating arrivals, even if they are one of the people listed as being 145 Steerage passengers.
Even though I have been able to locate most of the arrivals, I still have a couple that either need to be found or put on the right ship, so what I have learnt this weekend will be very useful.

Our last session of the day was a panel, consisting of Kerry Farmer, Christine Yeats and Michelle Patient. They answered questions, relating to immigration, from the audience.
I should have mentioned, in Day 1's post. Kerry Farmer's book, Arrivals in Australia from 1788. You can purchase it from Gould Genealogy at   It is a very useful book.
Also if you aren't, yet, a member of the Society of Australian Genealogists, please join. Being a member gives you access to all the library resources, access to the library editions of sites such as Ancestry and FindMy Past. You get discounts on talks and access to the webinars. they can be found at
A great weekend.



  1. How did you find the energy to blog after our mentally xhausting weekend? Thanks for being my front row companion on the weekend.


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