Update on South Australian Research.

Following on from my October post about looking for court records, I thought I'd tell you what has been going on.

On out last Monday in Adelaide, I filled in the court forms, purchased both an envelope and money order and posted them off, to Courts Administration Authority and sat back to wait. They have to respond, within 30 days.  A thick letter was waiting for me, on 25th October, from them, with my money order attached. They didn't have any records and were returning my money, maybe I could try the Elizabeth Magistrates Court. Well I emailed them on 29th October and by the 31st  had my reply. Nothing!  That is a shame but these things happen.

While this was going on I emailed the Clare Historical Society, explaining what I had done and could they find anything else. I had a lovely email back saying, 'as I had done so much, they had nothing left to do and couldn't help me.'  Another dead-end.

I haven't given up hope of finding another Trove article, fingers crossed.

Bye for now,


  1. Let it rest for a while and Trove might provide some treasure.


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