Family Friday; Elizabeth Mary Abberton and Theresa Mary Abberton.

Elizabeth Mary Abberton and Theresa Mary Abberton.


While these two girls aren’t twins, I know  very little about them and have chosen to do them together.

Elizabeth Mary was born 1867, becoming Thomas and Mary’s 10th child and eighth daughter. In 1894 she married Walter Thomas Daniel. Daniel was born circa 1862 and died 30 January 1955.

Elizabeth and Daniel had three children;

1)      Thomas Leslie born 29 July 1894. He married Gladys M S Fletcher in 1917. They had four children, three boys and a girl.

2)    Jack Alfred born 26 September 1895. He married May Lee and they had two daughters.

3)      Linus Mary born 9 March 1901. She married John O’Connell and had two daughters. When John died, Linus re-married to Joseph Kahler and had two boys and a girl.

Elizabeth died 23 January 1937.

( This information was given to me by a daughter of Linus, who had documented her family.)


Theresa Mary, born 5 December 1868, giving Thomas and Mary their 11th child and ninth daughter. She married George Henry Tunks in 1893. George died 1933. They had three daughters;

1)      Edith B , born 1895, married William G Gates in 1926.

2)      May A, born 1900, married Thomas E Byrne in 1930.

3)      Aimee B, born 1905.

Theresa died in 1947.

This is the sum of the information I have on these to great-aunts of mine. SOOOO if there is anybody out there related to them, please post a comment, they need to be more than a range of dates.

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