Thoughts on Writing. (nothing profound)

I write, I suppose everyone does to some extent. Shopping lists, notes, essays, letters, reports, on birthday and Christmas cards, blogs and books, all manner of writing but does that make me a writer?   Yes, No, Maybe?

My trusty little Collins Australian Gem English Dictionary, give the meaning of the word writer as thus; Writer, n, one who writes; author.  So according to that I am a writer and thus I am.

I ask this question because in the past few week I have read or listened to other authors explain their writing process, their struggles with getting it right, how they research, for their book(s) and how they feel as a author. I found myself nodding, in agreement with them or saying 'I do that...' Now I'm not saying I'm the next Nora Roberts or Mary Higgins Clark but in my little corner of the world, I'm Lilian Magill, Published Author!

I have published  this,

and this,

Both of these will never be best sellers but copies of both have been sent far and wide.

So if you are strugging with your writing, find a blog about an author by and author and have a read. This one is by Jodi Gibson and her chat to Louise  Allan. They are helpful to read as I have come to understand that while writing can be fun and enjoyable it can also be frustrating.

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