A Sojourn in Kiama. Part One

We have just spent threes day staying at Kiama. Yes, we STAYED at Kiama, didn’t just look at the Blowhole and come back home, we explored. I had always used Kiama as the ‘comfort stop’, for the children on our trips further south. The thought of seeing if the Blowhole was blowing, a chance to get out of the car, maybe an ice-cream was enough to have them behave but the trip, back then was longer and this was a welcome break.

Kiama, is on the South Coast of New South Wales, approximately a 90 minute drive, down the M1 from Sydney.   Settled in 1815 by early Cedar-getters, the first house was built in 1832. Kiama is derived form an Aboriginal word ‘kiarama,’ which means “place where the sea makes a noise.”

Tuesday the 13 February saw us pack the car and start our journey. We sailed past the turnoff, around 90 minutes later and made for Gerringong, 10 kilometres south of Kiama and a stop for morning tea.  We chose the Sea Vista Café, with a great view of Werri Beach. The scones, with jam and cream were delicious.

                                                              Werri Beach

Back on the road, we detoured via the Blowhole and then onto our hotel on Collins Street, opposite the Terraces, parked the car and  informed reception that we knew we were early but were going for a walk. Walking up Terralong Street, we found the leagues club, a Chinese restaurant and a supermarket, three places we needed. I booked a table for Valentine’s Day, at the Chinese restaurant and we then strolled back down the street. It was warm, okay hot, so gelato was required. We sat on a park bench and refreshed ourselves with HUGE cones and people watched. We wandered back to the hotel and our room was ready. Unpacked the car and went to the supermarket for some supplies. Then our exploring began.

Crossing the road we strolled towards the Blowhole, some 1.5 kilometres away. Not wanting to walk along the street we went into the park and towards Black Beach. This beach is 130 meters long and black because of the basalt sand. Not a good one to swim at. It has some interesting rock pools, home to many sea creatures.
                                                              Black Beach.

                                                                     Rock Pool.

Continuing our climb, up the hill we crossed over and walked on the southern side of the road, with views over Church Point, towards Kaleula Head. The swell was good and I hoped for some good shots of the Blowhole in action. The lighthouse, established in 1887, dominated the headland and for the Centenary of ANZAC, has a special commemoration on it.

It is interesting to note that while the lighthouse was established in 1887, the first pub was built in 1837, the Anglican Church in 1858, Post Office 1878 and the Police Station in 1884.
                                                 Looking south, Surf Beach can just be seen.
Looking into the hole.

"There she blows!"

 We strolled, (a stroll is slower than a walk) back towards out hotel and made plans for dinner at the leagues club. A great end to a relaxing day.

                                                    A Cormorant perched on a lightpole.

Bye for now,


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