Paul and Lilian's Excellent Adventure, Sunday 12 November 2017.

                                              Today is our wine tour day with Two Fat Blokes.

Our driver collected us and two other couples, bringing our bus passengers to nine in total,  one Japanese lady and the rest Aussies and then promptly got lost. This made us 30 minuets late for our first stop.

Lucy's Run, is a small winery and to my mind the friendliest of all. A delicious range of wines, served with bread, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and two different spices. Yum. We ordered some wines and spices and asked if they could be sent home, as this is only part one of our holiday.

Glandore Estate Wines was next and here we tasted the wines, with chocolates. Different, delicious and interesting to see how the flavours change.

On to Hanging Tree Wines, for our next tasting and lunch.
This is the hanging tree, not used to hand bushrangers, as we all thought but they would slaughter the cows and hang them from the tree, to drain the blood out.

Our little group was  fantastic, with everyone getting along, jokes being told and faces pulled, if the wine is 'different'. A good bunch to spend the day with.

After lunch we went to a Jewish winery, Harkham Wines. Everything, involved with the wine making is Kosher, from a Rabbi being present, only Jewish staff, the cleanliness and NOTHING being added to the grapes, i.e. no sulphur. They were a different taste and we purchased a bottle of chocolate sauce. It tasted like drinking liquid coconut rough chocolate. Will go very nicely with icecream.


Our  last wine tasting was at the Two Fat Blokes shop and was DeIuliis wines and nine different cheeses to taste.
Tasting like this shows you how a wine or cheese changes flavour, really interesting.

                                         Our last stop was Potters Hill Brewery, for a beer tasting.    Not for us. We did enjoy the talk on how the beer was made, tasted barely, smelt two different types of hops,
  American and Australia. We took ourselves for a walk and saw the old kilns.

Back on the bus and home. Dinner was in the bag, having pre-ordered  it before the tour and we sat outside and relaxed after a full day. Tomorrow we will explore a couple of other vineyards.

Bye for now,


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