500 Posts.

Am I supposed to write something profound for my 500th post? 

Looking back at my posts, I see that I have written on many and varied topics. Why did I choose them? Some were used to try and find 'family'. Some were to show where I'd been.
Some  were where I reviewed books or websites. A large number cover different aspects of genealogy.

For April 2016, I did the A-Z Challenge and was please with my effort. It was hard coming up with ideas for each letter of the alphabet. I'm going to do it again in 2018.

So for my 500th, I'm going to give you photos form my past blogs, enjoy.

Fellow Bloggers, RootsTech 2017.

Excellent book on Sydney Cemeteries.
                                                        My first Congress, 2015.

Budapest, 2015.
                     Helen Smith, Me, Fran Kitto and Lee-Ann Hamilton, Adelaide 2016.


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