Paul and Lilian's Excellent Adventure. Friday 10 November 2017 Part One.

Having travelled up on Thursday, went spent the night at Wyong.

 Friday dawned crisp and sunny and as we didn't have to be anywhere until 10.00am, a walk was in order. Wyong is very hilly, so we stuck to the block, on which the motel was located. Not a small block by any means.

Deciding to leave early, to a) get a good parking spot and b) get Paul a coffee, we left about 9.00am.A Gloria Jeans was located and Paul enjoyed a cappuccino. Then it was off to Tuggerah library for an author talk, by Rachael Johns.  Paul settled himself into a comfy chair and turned is book reader on.

Rachael Johns is an Australian author of Rural Romance and Women's Literature, with over 20 books published. Her first book Jilted was published in 2012 and her latest The Greatest Gift, published this year and released earlier this month. I have only discovered Rachael's books this year, silly me and I now have 11 of them on my Kindle as well as hard copies.

Her Outback series; Outback Blaze, Outback Dreams, Outback Sisters and Outback Ghost are set in a small town, in Western Australia. Centred around  four friends, each book tells one person's story. I would recommend reading them in order, starting with Outback Dreams.

Jilted is about a girls, who left her fiancé at the alter, 10 years before. An excellent read and I'm not going to give the plot away.  During her talk Rachael spoke how her based the lead character on Miss Havisham, from Charles Dickens' Great Expectations.

The last three, The  Patterson Girls, The Art of Keeping Secrets and The Greatest Gift are beautiful books, with great covers.

The Patterson Girls, ' remarkable story of fours sisters, family secrets and discovering what's important in life.' is the remark on the cover. Think of the many different personalities in one family and you have an excellent story.

The Art of Keeping Secrets, ' An extraordinary story of friendships, hidden secrets...and the consequences of facing the truth.' I'm going to confess that I haven't finished this one, yet as I go side-tracked by the Outback series and then The Greatest Gift.

The Greatest Gift, 'A touching novel about a woman's gift and what really makes a family.' Touching on childhood cancer, infertility, egg donation and two couples, one who wants a family and one who doesn't and what brings them together. A MUST read and a great Christmas gift.

Rachael's talk was funny, with stories of how it took 15 years to get her first book published, in 2012, how she tried to write for Mills and Boon and how she begins the actual writing process. I was able to ask Rachael to sign my books and she did so, along with the others ladies, who came to the talk.

So if you are looking for a new author, give Racheal Johns a try, you will discover a wonderful author.

Bye for now,

Rachael signs her books, with a pink pen.

The beautiful covers.


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