A Mixed Bag.

I have had an interesting week.

I have started trying to design a cover for THE BOOK, with some success. I have purchased my won ISBN and bar code and have found that Lulu won't let me use them as I'm not doing a perfect bound book but a saddle stitched book. Strange and I have an email query in to them and am waiting for a reply.  I am now considering a publisher/printer in Goulburn but this will require me to purchase books and then send them to people.

Meanwhile I have twice gone to the book to get details, rather than turn the computer on and gone Noooo. Both times things needed to be changed. The first one was adding a date and the second was changing the number of children. Simple changes that my wonderful editor, Jennie has done, for me.

Wednesday saw me attend my first luncheon of The Women's Pioneer Society of Australasia Inc. As Charlotte Chasmar arrived in the Colony of New South Wales in 1839, I am eligible to join. It was lovely and I was made very welcome and presented with my badge. The guest speaker was Lieutenant Colonel (Rtd)  Peter Sweeney and he gave a very interesting talk on Gallipoli.

This week I also received back my mtDNA results and have since spent time reading about mtDNA and also listening to a webinar on the same topic. I don't fully understand what is what but I aim to learn more about the whole DNA thing.

I've also done some study and submitted my annotated map. Sunday the UTAS courses start back for the last two weeks and I know I'm not the only one .looking forward to the finish. For both subjects I still have three assignments to do as well as several quizzes.

This week also saw permission given for me to use documents, from government departments, in my next book. I though that I had sent a request to the Victorian BDM's, only to discover that I'd sent it to NSW in stead. All fixed and I am waiting on their response.

Coffee morning, with good friends, lunch with my husband and dinner with good friends have made it a very enjoyable week.

Bye for now,

The book, study notes, permission emails, webinar notes and the DNA book on my Kindle.


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