Family Friday; John Albert Vaughan

                                                      John Albert Vaughan.

John, John, John, like your siblings you are a mystery, one I don't think I can solve.

John, I can find your birth in 1854, the seventh child and fourth son of Henry and Charlotte, 235/1854, V1854253 40) and after this nothing.

Searching the NSW BDM's, for a death, of John Vaughan, gives  me plenty but none with your parents.  The Ryerson Index is next and again plenty but none stand out. TROVE is next on my list and there are plenty here too!

You are starting to annoy me, Great-Uncle John.

Back to the BDM's, looking for a marriage. This one, 1899 John Vaughan to Minnie A Whiteway, looks(ed) promising and then I worked out that you would have been 55 years old. Possible but it didn't ring true. ( I followed them, not you and ruled it out.)

Looked at the Rookwood CD, for a burial, better luck here as there isn't that many. I eliminate the ones in the Catholic section and then start cross-referencing with the BDM's, Ryerson and TROVE. No luck, either the age was too young or I can give them to another family.

Desperation has me looking at family trees, on Ancestry. I find several that have you on them and all have a death date of 1855. Did Charlotte loose another child?

I go to Find My Past and can't find you. Family Search is next and there you are. John Albert, 13 May 1855. Another small life, taken to soon.

Just a question, are you buried at St Stephen's, Newtown, too? (More on that later.)

Your Great-Niece,

(I hope your little sister  Catherine Charlotte is easier to follow and I know Frederick is going to cause me a few headaches!)


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