Cemetery Wandering

Last week I had several hours to fill in, while Paul was in RPA, having a big test done. He is fine.

BUT what was I going to do?

Lucky for me my mother's side were from Newtown, Camperdown and Erskineville and Holy Trinity, Erskineville and St Stephen's, Newtown where their churches. Armed with the details I knew of the two burials, at St Stephen's I went grave searching. It is such a beautiful place to walk around and just look at the different adornments of the graves, read headstones of small children and ache for their parent's loss and try and find the grave you want.  I knew that the chances of finding Henry and Charlotte Vaughan's graves was remote, after all part of the cemetery was turned into a park, but it was worth the time.

After about an hour and no luck I got talking to the gardener and he asked if I had been onto the church website and looked to see if the grave was in the area left. NO, I didn't know that there was a website and therefore hadn't looked. Going back to our hotel room, I opened the iPad and went to the website; www.neac.com.au   After having a look around the site I went to Facilities & Grounds, Cemetery Headstones and entered Vaughan in the search box. BINGO! There was Henry, Charlotte, Rachel Wyatt and Charlotte Alice. I knew of the first three but who was Charlotte Alice? A quick search of the NSW BDM's and there she was, daughter of Henry Edward and Mary Ann, thus making her Henry and Charlotte's granddaughter.

Back to the cemetery, (I still had another three hours before I could go to the hospital), to try and find the grave. I found the section but to my dismay the headstone was facedown in the dirt, a result of vandals. Talking to the gardener, again, he said that photos had been taken and if I contacted Jenna, there might be one.  I did an below is the photo, taken by Jenna. One very happy descendant, with a puzzling question. Rachel Waytt died in 1865, Henry was next in 1871. Didn't Rachel have a head stone or is she buried else where and just mentioned here? Something for my research in at SAG on Thursday.

So Henry and Charlotte, you do have a headstone and are in the remains of the cemetery, sorry I should have checked, before and not assumed, that you didn't. I should realise that with this family, nothing is impossible!

Now I have to work out if the William Vaughan, also there is related.

Your great-great-granddaughter.


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