Road Trip, preperation

Several months ago, I said to my husband that in order to write my second family history book,I needed to go to Ballarat. He agreed and I set about picking a time to go, organising accommodation, sending documents to Dropbox, checking that I had all my websites book-marked, re-checking the family tree information,  researching what I needed to find out and where I could find it.

The  time frame was easy, since we are retired and don't have to worry about school holidays. Early May was the best.

Accommodation, I picked a Big 4 Holiday Park because they have cabins and for five nights, that would be good. There are two in Ballarat and Ballarat Windmill had a cabin free.

Dropbox isn't something I use frequently but for this I was able to send the scanned copies of documents to Dropbox, from the desktop, to Dropbox and they synced easily.

My bookmarks were in order, as I had used them when away in November, just a couple of new ones to add.

My family tree program is Brother's Keeper and I have it on both the desktop and laptop and frequently update both, so that was done.

My researching involved locating address, where the family lived, see what resources the family history society held, I'm a member so will be able to access these and searching for other places that might be useful.

This was organised well in advanced, so that in the week leading up to our departure I thought about packing, checked the weather and thought about an overnight stop. With only one driver Ballarat is a long trip.

We were all organised and ready to go, with a day spare.

Watch for the rest of our research trip posts.

Bye for now,


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