SAG Writing Discussion Group and an Interesting Booklet.

Thursday saw out last writing group for 2017 and Sue, the co-ordinator stepping down. She felt that after four years, it was time for someone else. That someone will be me.

Helen presented o wonderful talk on the finer points of writing. Things we use but sometimes make mistakes with, numbers, dates, contractions, etc. Taken from the Style manual, it had us discussing how things should be written.

This is the Style manual, well worth getting a copy of.

I was asked to present Sue with her gift, a voucher from SAG and a posy of flowers. Sue has worked hard to get the group started and to keep it going. It is a wonderful group. 

Lunch was at the National Trust house, S H Ervin Gallery, in its café. A lovely way to end the year.

I am a member of the Genealogical Society of Victoria, (GSV), and in the last journal I saw this little booklet reviewed. By Meg Bate, May 2017, it contains important dates in the history of Victoria, starting in 1803. It also mentions different records that the Society holds, or where you can find them. An example is the newspaper Argus started in 1846 and that you can find it on Trove.

Costing just $10, this will be very useful, for my next book.

Bye for now,


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