Our Trip, Part 2, Uluru to Alice Springs

All aboard for the 6.10am trip to see sunrise at Uluru. One word, FREEZING!!! We saw the full moon set and the sun slowly rise and bathe the ROCK in soft morning light. Kata Tujuta was also bathed in the soft misty light and to my mind was better than Uluru. I was disappointed by sunrise. Everyone I'd spoken to about the trip, raved about how good sunrise is, me I think the bold, flashy colours of sunset are better. But whilst it was very cold, it was still lovely to see.
The start of sunrise
Kata Tujuta.


A quick breakfast and by 9.15 we were off exploring the Mutitjulu Waterhole, a picturesque place at the base of Uluru, a cool shady oasis. Shown rock art and told ancient stories of how things came to be made this a very interesting part of the day.

We were driven around the base of Uluru and stopped where you were once allowed to climb it. How people did it is beyond me as it isn't an easy climb. I was in awe of this magnificent rock, that is so much apart of Australia. My descriptions don't do it justice.

This evening we did Kata Tujuta and walked part of the Walpa Gorge. This gorge is between two of the ridges of the domes and while I didn't do the full walk I was able to see how specular it is. From there we went to the viewing area for bubbles and nibbles, to watch tonight's sunset. Different from last night, it didn't have the deep red of Uluru but was just as stunning.

Kings Canyon, tomorrow.

Our day started at 9.45, for the trip to Kings Canyon, our next overnight stop. My fascination with Mount Conner grew, when Phil stopped the coach at the Mount Conner Lookout. I, along with others walked up a sand hill and saw a salt lake,  then turned back and saw Mount Conner. I'm going to have to read up on it.
Mount Conner

On into Kings Canyon and Paul and I walked the canyon floor walk, whilst others tackled the 6km rim walk. Just the steps put me off, not for the unfit. The walk was lovely and afforded many beautiful photo opportunities. (Thank goodness for digital cameras.) Once the walk was completed our driver, Phil, took us to the 'resort', where we found our rooms and the several of us went back to the heliport for our flight. We were last up and got to see sunset from 2,500feet up. Beautiful!

                                                      Kings Canyon

                                                     The start of the rim walk.

I miss read the time, the next morning and Paul and I had breakfast early, then enjoyed a walk to the viewing platform and watched sunrise. Stunning! The sun rose over the canyon and there were cockies flying around and the area was washed in a golden light.
Sunset, Kings Canyon.

Kings Canyon.

                                              Sunset at 2,500 feet.

                                          Good Morning Sunrise.

Back on board the coach and we set off up the Stuart Highway, towards Alice Springs. A stop at  Stuarts Well Roadhouse, had some of the group riding camels.  We also saw Wedged Tailed Eagles, on our drive. These magnificent birds were enjoying some road kill. Once in Alice Springs, we went to ANZAC Hill and Peter pointed out different places of interest for us. Onto our hotel and we crossed the Todd River. (more on the river, next post.) Free time and I found two quilt shops and a book shop.


                                                        Part of Alice Springs.

Room service ended our day.

Bye for now,


  1. You are blessed to see these beautiful and attractive places on the land. It not easy to seek the permission of the time and spend some moments with the nature. Thanks of sharing these amazing pics.


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