Family History Month

August is National Family History Month and I've had a busy time, this week.  Tuesday was The Bankstown Family History Group's meeting and Allan Murrin, was a presenter. He did a hands-on workshop on Family Search.
Thursday saw me in at the Society Of Australian of Australian Genealogists, attending a talk on Understanding Sources by Danielle Lautrec.
Today it was the turn of the Royal Australian Historical Society, with their Bankstown Seminar. Three excellent speakers on three interesting topics. Carol Liston, spoke on Land titles records and showed us many different ways to find exactly where our ancestors lived. Katherine Reynolds was next and she spoke on Keeping track of your history research, so that you know exactly where that information came from. Lastly was Christine Yeats and she spoke on Furnishing your ancestors house. Ways we can find out what they might have had in their homes. Fascinating.
It was also great to see members of the Bankstown Family History Group there.
Now all I have to do is apply what I have learnt to my research.
Happy Researching,


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