As I have ‘finished’ the Vaughan Family, I was at a loose end as to who to do next. This is a one off post and I’ll get back to a family, next week.

August Frederick Conrad JASPER.

August is the second husband of Isabella Vaughan and my great-grandfather.  I have gaps, in August’s life and I would love to fill them in.

It was a fluke that I found his birth. Early one morning I was playing with FamilySearch. I entered his name, clicked search and closed my eyes. There was only one result and it was him.

August Jasper (it takes too long to do his full name), was born in Heidenoldenorf,  Germany on 3rd December 1846*, to Toens Simon Herm. Christoph JASPER and Wilhelmine Friederike Caroline KESSEMEIER. I have found other children and will do more research on the whole family.

I don’t know how he grew-up or why he came to Australia.

He arrrived in South Australia on the  Dilbhur on 29/3/1876. Listed as 29yrs and a Brickmaker. The Dilbhur left London UK on 29/12/1875. He spent two years  in South Australia, before going to New South Wales. It is these two years, that I would love to discover more about.

In 1884, he and Isabella marry on 23 August 1884, at the Congregational Church, Glebe. They had four children, Evelyn, 1885, Lydia, 1887, Violet, 1889 and Walter, 1891. Sadly the younger three all die young. Evelyn married and had 10 children.

  He was naturalised 18 August 1914 but didn’t change his surname, like some German families did.

August died on the 9th November 1922* and his death certificate makes for interesting reading. I will accept the date and place of death, his place of marriage and wife’s name and his children, as being true. I have checked them.  Where is asks for where born, that is correct BUT  it is how long in the country and where that has me  puzzled!  53 years, in Australia, both New South Wales and  Victoria. Another mystery for me to research! Love this branch!

So great-granddad, what did you do, when you arrived and where did you go?

Bye for now, Lilian.
* denotes that I have the document.


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