Family Friday, Isabella Mary Ann Vaughan, Part Two.

Great-Grandma, I find your re-marriage and it is through this marriage that I make you mine.

You marry Frederick August Conrad Jasper, from Detmold, Germany on 23 August 1884*, at the Congregational Church, Glebe. Apart from you both living in Christie Street, Glebe, there is scant information on this marriage certificate, too.

Frederick and yours first and only surviving child, a girl, Eveline Maud arrives 23 April 1885*. She will become my Grandmother. Sadly I never knew her but her picture sits on my dressing table.

It is on Eveline’s birth certificate that Frederick states; 2 males and 3 females, living per previous marriage on wife’s side. Why didn’t he name them, for me???

After Eveline, you have three more children;

1887, Lilly May, known as Lydia, she dies, aged 15 months, on 11 November 1888*;

1889, Violet Louisa, you too watch her die on 19 March 1891*, she is just 16 months old; 

1891, Walter Frederick, he makes it to 18 months but dies on 28 November 1892*.

My heart aches for you, too lose a child is heart breaking but you have lost five.

 You live long enough to see Eveline marry and start her family. (You know she ends up having 10 children, they all marry and have their own families. I have worked it out that you have 100+ descendants, just from her!)

On 29 October 1915* you lose your three battle with uterine cancer. Florence, William, Arthur and Henry, from your first marriage, are still living and it is Arthur who is the informant on the certificate. You are 68 years old. Your are buried beside Frederick, at Rookwood, in the Church of England section.

Searching through Trove, I find several In Memoriam notices and from them I learn the names of two of your daughters-in-law, both Arthur and William have wives called May. I also note that Florence hasn’t married.

So Dear Great-Grandma, your story is at an end but through your children, the line continues.


Lilian xx

*Indicates that I have the certificate.


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