TROVE Tuesday

Several of my friends do this, search TROVE for something interesting to post about on a Tuesday.
Today I decided to search for SIGRIST, my late mother-in-law's maiden name. The amount of results I turned up as fantastic but not all related to her line. Two that I did find have really sparked a searching frenzy.

Fri 4 Apr 1930 - The Sun (Sydney, NSW: 1910 -1954) Page 2 - HERE AND THERE.
Telephone Mechanic's Death.
Frederick Charles Sigrist, telephone mechanic of Fairmount Street, Lakemba died at his home, yesterday.
He had been ill for over six months.
He had 24 years' service.

This was Edna's Dad, he was only 39 when he died leaving his widow with two small children. The baby was just six months old.

It is this next one that has really got me going.

LOCKE - SIGRIST The Engagement is announced of Edna (W.A.A.A.F) elder daughter of the late Mr and Mrs F Sigrist of Lakemba and Bondi to Sgt John Locke (A.I.F) eldest son of Mr and Mrs C.J. Locke of Kogarah.

Sydney Morning Herald, 10 Nov 1945.

Mum, Edna, didn't marry him, we never heard his name. I've searched the Australian War Memorial site and there are two J Locke's on the Roll of Honour but the dates are before the engagement. I've searched the Australian National Archives site and there are plenty of J Locke's but only a couple of Johns. Most of those records are digitised, for me to see next of kin. There is none of that generation left for me to ask, either.

Okay, so where to go from here?

 I've looked on the NSW, BDM site, for any deaths and there are again to many Johns, especially when all I have for is father are the initials C.J and a place, Kogarah.  He could have gone anywhere. The Ryerson Index has been searched form 1945 to now and there are 46 results.

I'm open to any suggestions.

Bye for now,

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