April 22 S is for Searching


As a genealogist I am always searching, Searching for lost 'important' pieces of paper, lost photos, you know how it is. When I got back from the USA, I couldn't find my pincushion and spent a great deal of time searching for that. Found it on the flatbed of my sewing machine!

I also plan most of  my searches.

In Salt Lake City is the Family History Library. Run by the Latter Days Saints, (Mormons), it is wonderful but to far to go, without a search plan.  Well before I left Sydney I searched online, at FamilySearch.org  for my ancestors. Having 'found' them I made detailed notes of what I needed to view, either books or micro-film.  I made sure that I had the film number or numbers. Once there I sort advice as to which number was the correct on, some are on two different films but have the same information. This sorted, I started searching. My careful planning made it possible for me to go back three generations, using just one film.

When I need to search death/funeral notices, here in Australia, at my local library, I also have a detailed plan. Using the Ryerson Index, www.ryersonindex.org  I gather as much as I can from that, with the most important piece being, the date the notice was placed in the paper, and which paper it was. My local library has the Sydney Morning Herald and the Daily Telegraph on micro-film. Once there I find the film number and make a note of it. My note book is set-out with the name of the person, date of death, age, place, if listed and any other names. I then try and find, spouse, children, parents etc. IF I find a relative I then take it further and order a transcript of the certificate.

Knowing where to start searching saves a great deal of time and gives you more for the 'interesting stuff'.

Happy Searching,

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