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Been Busy

Well Christmas is over and I can get down to some very serious family tree research. Yesterday I was able to fill in a Pedigree chart for my youngest child and found several gaps, to explore. Some of the surnames that I am researching are Sigrist, Hudson, Chasmar, Vaughan, Jasper & Abberton. Please contact me if you have any of these names. Who knows we could both find 'missing links'!

Family Research

Brick walls, what fun. I can find 7 registered births for the children of Frederick James Ironside & Martha Amelia Bird, but have just found another child and no registration. Interesting. Looks Like I'll have to get her death certificate.

Sigrist Family

I've been working on my husbands side of the family, mainly his mum's. The Sigrist family are interesting as Christoper Sigrist went to London, married Mary Ann Hudson, had several children and them they all came to Australia, at different times. I'm have a great time tracing them.

Irish Family Tree Research

I had great time, yesterday. I went to a conference, organised by SAG, on Irish Migration to Australia. Good presenters, helpful information, equals good day.


I've just spent 5 hours doing research at the NSW State Archives, at Kingswood. What a treasure trove of information. I held documents that my 3x great-grandfather signed, when he was insolvent. Had copied letters my grandmother wrote, while she was a teacher. Read probate packets from other branches of my tree. A very exciting day!

My Day

Boy have I had fun! Yesterday I decided to sort out the family tree filing cabinet.  The amount of useless bits of paper, I checked, that have gone into the recycling bin, was huge. Today I'm sorting old family photos and have an album to put them in. I've also spent time re-checking information, on-line, that I'd scribbled onto said bits of paper.  I've got space to keep things organised and will try to do so!  The cricket is on the ABC so it will keep me company, while I sort some more.

Can You Help????

I've had this photo in my collection for years and haven't had any luck finding out who the people are. I do know that the small children are my cousins Eileen and James Smith. The mum was  Claire (Clara) Abberton. The older people can't be Claire's parents, Thomas and Louisa Abberton, because they had both died before Claire married.   I think the young boy, at the back is Tommy Abberton, Thomas' son from his second marriage. I'd love someone to help solove this mystery.

Abberton Info

Just adding some family info about my Abberton side and I hope I can make a connection.

Thomas Abberton came from Ballinakill, County Galway, Ireland, to Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia. He married Mary Torphy/Torpy and they had 15  children. They lived just out of  Goublurn in a place call Mummell.

New Blogger

I'm new to this but want to share family information and meet other family members.

 Looking for the names of Abberton, Magill, Sigrist.  These are just some of the names I'm researching. Will post more once I'm settled in.