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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A Wonderful Saturday

Saturday was hot and sunny and I was asked to meet a very good friend at the Obelisk, in Hyde Park, to wear comfortable shoes, sunhat and bring an umbrella, in case of rain. I duly did so and arrived early and did a walk around the War Memorial. Something I hadn't done in a long time. The Pool of Reflection was calm and I was able to take some lovely shots.
The Obelisk. Built in 1857.

War Memorial.


When Lorraine arrived she handed me a sheet of paper, with the morning activity outlined. It was a  Cupcake & Dessert Walking Tour of Sydney. Yum! These are run by foodi.com.au  and they have five different tours to select from.
Our first stop was Cupcakes on Pitt.

I had a Tiramisu cupcake and Lorraine had a Honeycomb one.

This macaroon tower was at our third stop and the macaroons were delicious. 

We had two more stops before the Queen Victoria Building stop. This was for fresh fruit dipped in chocolate! Refreshing.

The group then walked down to Darling Harbour, where we enjoyed chocolates, ├ęclairs and brownies at Guylian. We were thrilled to have a table inside, where it was cool.
 Our last stop was for gelato, a lovely way to end the tour.

The tour ended in China Town and we walked back up to Dymocks, to browse.

A truly wonderful day and Lorraine and I are already planning our next walking tour/

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Genealogy Day 3

After Monday's effort I was inspired to do more. Off to Officeworks, on Tuesday and I picked up two packets of suspension files, dividers, sticky labels, 'in tray' (for my desk to hold all the paper that gets on it) and some more sleeve protectors. Now to do some really serious filing!

I took each file out, one at a time and really sorted through them. Did I really need five copies of a document that I had on the computer? No, into the recycling bin. I sorted as I worked and now have the family files all the same colour and marked as to what is in each one. I found documents that should have been entered onto the data base and filed, they are now done. Photos not in their albums and lots of scraps of paper, not dated, no idea where the  information came from. Some I re-checked and filed some were tossed.

Today I tackled the photo drawer and I copied 20 CD's of photos to an external  hard drive and will now give my daughter the box of  CD's for safe keeping. I also 'found' four DC's of documents and maps that I had requested from the Australian War Memorial and the National Library. I uploaded them and can now use them.

Only one drawer left to do and it is tidy as it is but I will still go through it and check. The new paper tray as a bundle in it that I am slowly working through.

I have also spent time doing some serious research and have found documents and articles that have been very helpful. Trove has been fun and it is so easy to get side-tracked by someone not related to you.  trove.nla.gov.au/    Have a look and it is free!

http://www.aif.adfa.edu.au:8080/index.html   This is another free site and is the AIF Database. Easy to use.

Might sort through some more in the paper tray, might go to bed and read.


Monday, 12 January 2015

A Genealogy Day

Having had a day of, yesterday, for my birthday I thought I'd better do some 'work' today. I finished the ironing and then started on my genealogy filing cabinet, four full drawers! Well one down and three to go. I have sorted, culled and re-filed so that I have the correct families in the correct files. Feeling good that it is done as it has been annoying me for awhile. I still have a desk covered with misfiled certificates and paperwork to finish.

In my December post, A Brick Wall Has Fallen, I mentioned that I was waiting on Arthur Galbraith's Probate Packet and it would be late January before it arrived. Well when I arrived home on January 5th, it was waiting for me. It makes for interesting reading, with him being a grocer and having borrowed money. I also found his will and reading it, he fully expected his wife to re-marry as he states that if she re-marries her portion of the estate goes to the sons..

Well going to have a cuppa and then tackle this desk pile.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year

I would like to take time to wish you and your families a safe and wonderful 2015. My you be blessed with good health and have a wonderful year.